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January 18, 2007



***Just as a FYI, I speak to Ed Cassidy on a regular basis and he's doing just fine. He just celebrated his 84th birthday...An incredible talent and a wonderful man.

PS. I totally agree with your comments regarding, "The Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus." It is a masterpiece...sadly, too few people have even heard of it!


Thanks for stopping by, Georgene. Please give my regards to Mr. Cassidy the next time you see him.


You sure about that lyric? I hear "soldiers killing at every command"


Hmmm... yours would be more, um, logical, Spock.


Good review. I've been listening to this album since 1974 and I love it too.

In the song, “Love Has Found A Way”, I think he is saying "Soldiers killing at every command", and not "soldiers killing an Africa man".

Granted, there are still some lines in this album I'm unsure what they're saying. But I never heard Africa. :) Thanks!

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