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June 19, 2006


science girl

Please help us find the song before bmarkey writes the lyrics on his own.


Hey now, I said nice things about you & everything!


i remember that young ones episode! it involved the boys' (long overdue) journey to the local laundromat. the washing machine refused to open because of the nastiness of the clothes about to be dropped in. Vivian proposed a plan utilizing "psychology and extreme violence"; in a casual tone, he remarked, "what have we here? felicity kendal's underwear-- that needs a good washing!" instantly the washer said, "mmmmwwaaahhh" and the boys quickly forced their rancid clothing into it. please don't ask me why i remember this so vividly...

Freedom Girl

KVIE, channel 6, if I'm not mistaken. I bet you remember KZAP and KPOP, too.


You are correct, Freedom Girl. I wrote a little about KZAP here. Don't recall KPOP, though. I take you're from the lovely Central Valley?

Ringo Fandango

Now there IS a song about Felicity...and it's not rude!

Rent Surbiton

"the comedy arose from the suburban location of their home (Surbiton, if memory serves) and the proximity of their middle-class neighbors, Jerry and Margo Leadbetter (Paul Eddington and Penelope Keith)"
Brings back memories...actually supposed to be based in Surbiton but filmed in north london i believe.

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