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October 05, 2004



hullo b,

sorry, i'd stepped out for a couple of days there. i first glanced at your offer this morning on my way out the door and i just now got back (online, that is).

i wish to refer you at this moment to a piece you wrote awhile back concerning the drivers in this fair city of ours. as i remember, you nailed quite a few of the most annoying trends that a person might encounter while attempting to get around. actually i need to read it again.

i remember something about the (non)use of blinkers. probably my worst pet peeve. just hit the damn thing please, people. and, as you mentioned, preferably not in the mid-to latter stages of your turn.

i listened to the storm game this evening on the radio and it's nice to have a(ny) seattle team in a finals again. also groovy that boston won and the yankees lost today.

what is my point? i suppose i don't have one. i just wanted to be sure i went over one hundred words and i believe i did it. i felt i had to break a rule. diablo made me...sweaty god.

if in fact i am now eligible for a mixed tape i should like you to provide something of a journey into the past, perhaps touching lester bangs turf but definitely helping me to achieve a more well-rounded grasp of punk rock and/or loud obnoxious music in general as written and performed by bands in decades which are not after the eighties.

i think you can do it. and thanks for offering...



Gee whiz, steb, you broke just about every rule I'd set up for this little debacle. However, given the dearth of entries, you stand a very good chance of getting a tape.

PS - I think this was the piece you were looking for.


We have until Friday, right? 'Cause I'm still gathering my thoughts for a killer argument.


Yep; 12:00 PST Friday, which I think works out to 2AM Saturday in Texas. You guys are Central Time, right? I look forward to your arguement.

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