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March 23, 2004



Oh, my stars. Thank you, sir. :) But surely, you underestimate your writing -- *I* think it's fine, funny and swell. I also think you overstate my skills, but heck, I won't talk you out of it. :)

Science Girl is right on the Cure, you know. Actually, even if I didn't like them so much, I would still give Robert Smith points for appearing in the Mecha Streisand episode of South Park. Anyone who can defeat Barbra Streisand and rochambeau Cartman is my kind of guy.

Thanks again for such nice words. Do keep visiting. My husband grew up in Tacoma and lived on Queen Anne Hill as an adult, so I know he'll be glad to hear that I've made friends from the old nabe. :)


Damn, I forgot about the South Park thing. OK, I'll give him that much. His singing still sounds like small mammal torture, though.


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